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Session Wifi/RC issue

So I have three GoPro Sessions (hero 4 version). all are running the same v2.0 fireware but two are acting differently than the other. I will explain what I am trying to do then what is happening.


I am planning on using three cameras to record footage of a car going down a track at high speed, these cameras are mounted in hard to reach places in an enclosure to keep them from being exposed to a harsh environment from a wind/abraion perspective. The cameras will be powered by USB as they need to be in standby for long periods and controlled via an original gopro WiFi remote. Each one of the USB's is connected to a USB hub. at the end of a car test I's like to plug into the hub via a laptop and remove the files for review imeaditly. Then go on to restart recording for more testing. There is not enough time to remove the camera from thier enclosures this is not an option during testing


On the bench I have found this works fine for 1 camera as long as i follow a particular order in which the camera is turned on/off and connected/disconnected. Howerver for two of the cameras the WiFi automatically turns itself off as soon as the USB is connected to PC and the camera is powered on. I can see the LED flash 3-4 times Blue.


I have seen other threads relating to similar issues on other cameras and wondered why GoPro has never responded to these and has locked the thread........?


Does anyone (including GoPro) know why this is happening and how I can stop it.

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Re: Session Wifi/RC issue

Hi @joshuat2854


Please see if resetting the cameras will work.  Reset Camera Settings
If it's still the same, proceed with a manual software update.
Let us know how it goes.
You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through