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[Session 5] protune with fixed shutterspeed too bright

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Hi, I tried filming with a fixed shutterspeed for several times now, but I always get an unusuable overexposed Image. 

Today was a cloudy winter day, without direct sunlight and without snow. I tried 4k30, 1/120s shutter, ISO fixed to 100. This is the shortest shutterspeed, and the lowest ISO the camera offers, so for my understanding, this should lead to the darkest image possible? Or am I wrong?

It was awfully overexposed. Setting shutterspeed to auto gave me an OK Image. 

My goal would be to film with 30fps and 1/60s shutter. I know that I would have to use a ND-Filter to achieve this, under most conditions. Today I needed an ND16 in relative low light, to fix the overexposure. Based on that, I would need a ND64, or even higher on a bright summer day. From what I hear from other people, using the session 5 with 1/60s shutter, they need between no filter at all to max ND16 on a bright day. Am I doing something wrong?