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Re: Session 5 incorrect time on videos

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@dvim this problem persists from the go Pro hero 3 ages and maybe earlier. I am sure go pro is fully aware of it. And they don’t care I thought all!
Search around this forum and just here you may find tens of such topics.
They know that when you transfer to the videos from the camera to your phone it changes back to GMT 0.

So the easiest way to get rid of the bug all these years is to buy a camera from another brand!!
Thank God now days you have tons of choices from perfect manufacturers so you won’t even have anything missing! Even the cheapest Chinese junk will transfer now days the photos and the videos at the perfect time!

Just think you are at the beach and you take some photos from your mobile and then you go dive and take the go Pro with you after swimming you decide to transfer the videos to your mobile phone just to realize that go pro will make a huge mess to your library that all these years you’re keeping at perfect form! This is really unacceptable AND THEY KNOW IT.
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Re: Session 5 incorrect time on videos

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I agree with you ,

Had I known I would have stayed clear

just to confirm to others


I have the latest firmware 01.61

camera is gp 7 black

phone is IPhone X and IPhone 6

correct time is set on camera and on Sd card

correct time on photos

Videos on GP app have the incorrect time GMT time + 13 hours ( which is how many hours New Zealand is ahead of GMT)and therefore when uploaded will always be out of order 


Surely the simple solution would be that the original metadata set on the camera for videos not be changed by the go app ?

like they do for the photos?


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Re: Session 5 incorrect time on videos

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Guys they dont CARE to fix it!! A pre graduate student could fix the bug!!!

I sold it half price and i ve got sony fdr x3000, a 2016 camera that has perfect colour accuracy, many accessories and mostly it transfers photos and bideos at the correct time!!