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Session 5 Overheating?

I’m contemplating the purchase of a session 5 but keep hearing about overheating issues. There are a lot of overheating comments from every review I read or watch.  I even watched one video where a guy put a heat sink on the back of his go pro hero session 5 and seem to resolve this problem. Before I make this purchase, or even if I make this purchase I need to know about this overheating issue and what causes it or is it now gone away. Thanks for your help. 

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Re: Session 5 Overheating?


Hi @coolhero26533,


I am not experiencing overheating. 

Although I can notice that it heats up sometimes when I use the maxed out performance but it isn't over heating. 




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Re: Session 5 Overheating?

If I'm recording in 4K for a prolonged period of time my HERO5 Session does get very hot around the lens (heat has to go somewhere), but I've never had an issue with it. The first batch of HERO5 Sessions did seem to have some issues, but it was resolved. Of those that reported issues, it was early on. However, even with this, only a small percent of the first batch H5 Sessions had issues.

I purchased on the first day available over two years ago and my H5 Session would freeze and heat up. In my case, it turned out to be the SanDisk Extreme SD card I was using was faulty. Once I switched to using a Samsung Pro and Lexar 1000x the issues went away. I still use the camera today.