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Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

I really need to ask GoPro. How much longer should we wait for you to make up what should have been there by the time you sold them?


1. No 360 Ambisonic Audio: This is the worst of all in my opinion specifically because it was a part of the advertisement that it has the 360 audio recording capability, yet it is clearly NOT AVAILABLE. Yes, the developers intentionally omitted it, so we need something more than you saying "we are working on it".


2. Only CINEFORM export capabilities, and little previewing functionality to choose with one to export: I have about 200 GByte of .360 files from my recent trip. Now I'm trying to edit them, yet it is just too hard to even start doing it. When I convert the .360 files into CINEFORM, the files get around 15 times larger in size, so it is not very practical to convert all of them (plus it takes ages). MAX exporter does have a bit of preview function for one video at a time, but seriously, it doesn't help. We need proper postprocessing software, not a half-finished workaround.


3. No GoPro remote support? Why?


There are more I'd argue about, but the point is, it's been over a month that MAX had been shipped, yet there has not been a single correction on any of the issues, not letting the users know what is going on, why those that should have been there ready to be used are still missing after a month of release, and what are there plans to correct them.


Could any of GoPro representatives give us a single clue that we deserve to know?

Please, I want it to be a fully-finished product so I could feel proud that I chose it.

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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

Hello @kongineer. We have recently released new versions of the desktop apps (for Windows and Mac). Please see below for specific release notes: 


GoPro Player v 1.0.2 

This update includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed stabilization issue for videos without World Lock.
  • Fixed horizon leveling issue for MAX TimeWarp and TimeLapse videos that were trimmed.  
  • Squashed a few bugs and made a couple enhancements.


GoPro Exporter v 

  • Added support for HEVC and H.264 exports including 360 audio.
  • Enhanced 360 audio for videos with Horizon Leveling and World Lock.
  • An improved user interface, including:
    • More intuitive look and feel
    • Preview controls
    • Cancel export button
    • Sticky user settings
    • Drag and Drop files from the camera
  • Several bug fixes and enhancements, including:
    • Fixed app crash issues related to video imports, previews, and changing languages
    • Video preview now renders first frame
    • GPMF track is now present in exported files

We would really appreciate it if you could test out the new versions and update this thread so we know that the changes are working correctly. Thanks!

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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

[ Edited ]
Thanks for the head up and that is a great news.
But it also makes me confused for some reasons. I just downloaded MAX exporter from Microsoft Windows Store (sorry if the name’s not exact) on my new PC two days ago, but it was still the old version. Also, according to your answer, the name might have changed from MAX Exporter to GoPro Exporter. Am I right about this?

1. Where can I find this newly released software? I just tried google it, look around gopro website, but it’s still the old MAX Exporter that I can only find.
2. I was keep trying to be updated with any news about the software changes by constantly visiting and checking this gopro support page, but I don’t recall seeing anyone notifying about the new release. Where do you officially publish any updates/plan to update so users can know?
3. Just by a curiosity, when did you release them?

Best regards
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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

Cool that these were updated and it looks like the Windows users got some great updates for a change, but the Mac version GoPro Player updates are lousy, sorry to say...

As per the original post, there are some major missing features with the Max and its apps:

  • GPS overlays without having to go to a third party who has figured this out himself and is providing free limited GPS funtionality
  • Remote control with Smart Remote...already mentioned
  • Slow motion for 360...fusion had 3K @ 60, Max only has 5.6K @ 30!
  • Reframe export limited to 1080p





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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough


Like I asked above, where can I find the newly released software that you mentioned?


I googled it again, checked Microsoft Store again to see if there had been any updates in last few days (since I downloaded it three days ago on new PC), jumping around once more to see if it is uploaded there. Still cannot find it.


If you really released it, please let us know where to find it. Otherwise, it just might have been another mocking against the users.


Did anyone find the new software that has solved some issues including 360 audio availability?

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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

@mariustanya When was of The Gopro Max Exporter published to microsoft store? the only available at microsoft store is published 23.09.2019

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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

same here. Just can't find it anywhere.

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Re: Seriously, MAX users waited much more than enough

Hello @simjoh and @kongineer. Have you been able to update to the latest version?