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Serious video quality issues with Go Pro Hero 5, constant crashes and errors

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I have been struggling with extremely poor video quality on our Go Pro Hero 5 since purchase. We have always been dissappointed with the quality and found it to be well below what we came to expect from our previous Hero 4 Silver. 


I have tried so many combinations of settings, in both ProTune and defaults, I've reset the camera on multiple occaisions and kept its firmware up to date but nothing has improved it. I should note that I am a photographer and videographer and I do cleary understand the impact of frame rate/ISO/shutter speed selections on overall image quality in different degrees of available light, especial on a sensor this small, and my expectations are defintely not beyond reality. 


Specifically, footage from our Hero 5 Black appears to be far less sharp, vastly less contrast and much higher grain than the footage shot with the same settings on our Hero 4 Silver. In addition a further problem is that there always appears to be a huge amount of light and colour bleed on high contrast edges, and i'm not talking about just a couple of pixels leading to a less sharp edge, it can look light "blooming" effect completly blowing contrast on a large proportion of the image. 


My first suspicion was the lens cover, but having removed and very carefully cleaned and replaced it, there was no difference to the quality observed. Shooting some further tests with the lens cover completely removed also showed no difference in quality. 


We struggled on... currently in the middle of an 18 month round the world trip with our GoPro that is still letting us down continually. As well as the obvious video quality issue, we get constant software crashes/reboots. Or the Go Pro wont turn off (have to remove the battery) or the almost daily "SD card error" we get with any of our 4 SD cards, all of which are Sandisk Extreme PLUS cards listed on the GoPro officially recommended web page.


We have now met several other Go Pro Hero 5 Black users and we've shot some scenes side by side with our GoPro Hero 5 Black - after both cameras are reset to factory defaults - you can clearly see, even on the tiny back screen a vast difference in sharpeness, contrast and colour between theirs and ours. The difference is even bigger when viewed on a laptop or larger screen. Also these users appear not to have had any of the other faults we experience. 


This has finally led me to conclude that either A) Our GoPro is an extremely accurate counterfeit or B) there are some serious hardware defects in our unit. 


Our unit does have what appears to be a genuine serial number, although this is easy to copy of course.


Can you please advise what we can do to resolve this... We have already been so dissapointed to miss many moments of our once-in-a-lifetime trip.


I am happy to carry out further tests and provide samples but I will await specific requests and settings from GoPro before doing so. 




Alex Swan

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Re: Serious video quality issues with Go Pro Hero 5, constant crashes and errors

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Hey Alex,
It sounds as if you have identified the issue as being related to an issue with your particular camera (not all Hero5 cameras) and that it might need to be exchanged. I'm not sure what GoPro will be able to offer since it sounds like you are beyond the 12 month warranty. That doesn't mean they won't so it's certainly worth a shot.

This forum is a community member to member support site so there isn't much we can do but offer general suggestions. As this doesn't seem to be settings related, there isn't much we can offer other than direct you to the GoPro Support Team

Best of luck!