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Serial numbers if you are over 50

Ok what incredibly bright person decided to print the serial number in a font size 3?

Spent the last two hours photographing serial number, numerous pairs of glasses and to no avail.

Ok I am not the most tech savvy person on earth I admit. But reading and writing has never been an issue until I came across a go pro 5

If you want to only have customers under 25 with 20/20 eye sight then carry on as you are. However maybe a review of how you help the older generation master a set up.

Any assistance would help I have typed ifvery combination of C7 G7 GZ blah blah blah.

Not sure if this is the right place to post or vent. But I feel better now but still am not able to do anything.
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Re: Serial numbers if you are over 50

the serial number will also be printed on the box, & believe you can get it via the app as well

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Re: Serial numbers if you are over 50


Hi @bluedawn61847



Sorry for any troubles caused. Do you have the HERO5 Black or HERO5 Session?


You may check this article for other ways to check the serial number.


Please let us know how else we can assist you regarding your camera.