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Selling my GoPro 7 Black - Dissapointed.

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Just wanted to share my 50 cents on this product, I have no intentions to start a flame war or cause drama.

But just wanted to share i am not going to pursue with GoPro for now, as i need a much more reliable platform then the 7 black.


I just wanted to share my view on the GoPro 7 Black in the past 6/7 months.


  • It has been unreliable at best, random crashes, getting stuck in the software. The times i had to pull the battery out to reset it, i cant remember anymore but it was alot of times, or it did stop filming halfway through or it never really started recording because the screen was stuck.
  • Hypersmooth, works only in optimal day light conditions, its really gimmicy T.B.H.
  • Chapters of the video files, omg this must be the most annyoing thing. It might be the SD cards being wrongly formated but man what a pain in the ass to work with files with the exact same name..
  • I live in hong kong and with longer shoots, there is actual moist/bubbles showing up on the protective outer lens after a while of shooting, it dissapears when it had cooled down again but is visible in the footage like a finger smudge.
  • The Camera is finnicy to use due its quicky software on the device.
  • dynamic range sucks at times and get stuck in either over or under exposure at times, having to thread it like  DSLR is no fun with the build in menu software, its a paint to constantly change shutterspeed, ISO etc for different environments etc... It is a action cam, it should be point and click, but making manual changes makes massive differences and avoids having over exposured footage. I dont expect it to be amazing as its a action cam but out of the box its just not very good at doing the basic stuff for you.

I am going to move to the latest release of a competitor, not saying who but its a recently released action cam.

Will i be gone for ever? probably not if GoPro comes with a much improved future version.


But for now my experiences with this camera has been pretty below par on my expectations.

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Re: Selling my GoPro 7 Black - Dissapointed.

Well some issues will follow and that is called Chaptering. 


Keep us posted about  your new product , as long as it owrks for you great.


 enjoy her

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Re: Selling my GoPro 7 Black - Dissapointed.

Hi @epicrange67456



Please reach out to our Support Team to we can help you out with your concerns.




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Re: Selling my GoPro 7 Black - Dissapointed.

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Good to see the low educated have something fruitfull to add to the convo.