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Sd Error

Hello everyone. I just got my GoPro Fusion but it can not make more than 15 seconds of video. It accuses the SD card. I can take photos, but videos does not. Any suggestion ?

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Re: Sd Error

Please make sure that you are using the correct recommended SD cards in your camera and that both cards are of the same make (the GoPro Fusion requires 2 x SD cards)


Also make sure that you are using the latest firmware for your camera, if needs be, perform a manual update


Also make sure that you are formatting the cards in your camera and not in a PC.  This will ensure the correct file structure is being used.  Use the camera's controls to format the cards and do not use the App, the App can sometimes leave files on the cards and this causes issues.


There is also new Beta Firmware available for the GoPro fusion that you can try if you're still having issues


If none of the above solutions work, try contacting the GoPro customer support team directly