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Scuba Diving and Hero 7 Black

I read a scuba site review of the Hero 5 that said NO red filter is needed at 50 - 80 feet as long as you are using ambient light. Is that true for the Hero 7? (It is new enough that I am having trouble finding any scuba reviews / info for the 7!  


Second - would super suit attatchments (red filter, macro lens, etc) for the supersuit for the 5 fit the 7?


I am BRAND NEW to GoPro and looking forward to learning!

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Re: Scuba Diving and Hero 7 Black

Hi @paulh118,


The SuperSuit is compatible with both HERO7 Black and HERO5 Black. The same applies to the dive filters -- the performance will vary depending on lighting and water conditions. We have two color filter options that are designed to be used in different conditions.

  • Magenta: The magenta filters are ideal for use in green waters, which are found in freshwater lakes and reservoirs or salt water that appears green due to algae.
  • Red: The red filter are ideal for blue salt water and clear fresh water, which are found in sunny tropical locations.

HERO7 Black provides great improvement to the overall color saturation, contrast detail, and image clarity of the camera. However, you can still use dive filters for your SuperSuit to further enhance the quality of your underwater footage.


Feel free to post back if you have any further questions. Stay stoked, and have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!



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Re: Scuba Diving and Hero 7 Black

Hello , I hvae just purchased a GoPro Black 7 and am about to buy a Super Suit. From what I have seen in a previous post on this forum , I understand that I cannot buy a filter for a Super Suit online from GoPro- is that correct? If so can you provide details for any authorised retailers for Supersuit filters , either online or located on Sydney Australia. Thank you

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Re: Scuba Diving and Hero 7 Black

GoPro did create filters for the Super Suit but is not selling them on their main web page. You can still find them on amazon and other sites if you search for them.

Other alternatives are Sandmarc

and Polar Pro
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Re: Scuba Diving and Hero 7 Black

Thank you for your help Daniel. This has answered my question and I have ordered a filter. Thanks, Sam