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Screen lock why on earth

I   Posted up one concern not a single concern, good luck on that one.  Just says you do not care about it, until  it happens to you, Lol.   Here why on Earth when you go into the screen lock the  actual  profile you are in is barly visable?  And why when you use Screen lock that hthe Front screen is not utilized as well, but hte front is,  Do not say to save battery.  We  would want the  actual camera to show  what we are doing then to guess when Screen lock is on.  only part of the video applies, while some one had no clue again how to  use this under water.   but also  this comes up as well


Whitebalalnce is missing UNDER WATER.    something that was done 10 years ago on other camera. and (cough) (cough) DJI has it today.

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