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SD suddenly stopped loading! HELP!

I’ve been travelling with my GoPro and one of my micro SD’s (a 64gb Scandisk) filled so I bought a new one. Months later I put my 64gb SD back in the GoPro to view all my pictures and footage and it won’t load. The camera recognises the SD and lets me go into playback on the camera, it lists 468 files (pics and videos) but none will load. The GoPro starts freezing and all functionality becomes impossible as it struggles to read the data. I tried linking my GoPro via Bluetooth to my Ipad and Mac and both have the same problem, when trying to load the data from the SD that’s in the GoPro it shows how many files are there but none will open or load, not even loading the thumbnails.


Is this because the SD is full it is struggling with memory or might there be damage to SD card? It was working fine a month ago I dont know why it’s suddenly stopped. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SD suddenly stopped loading! HELP!

Try inserting the SD into your computer and seeing if you can read the files. Did you use the SD in any other device other than the GoPro?