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SD card error on hero 9

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My hero9 keeps giving a SD card error. I have read the other posts here and see that "quick" format is not recommended. I am formatting the card on a mac using Disk Utility and there is no "quick" format option, however there are a few options for security level from "Fastest" to "Most Secure". Which option should I select? The most secure option is described as multiple passes of zeros, ones and random data over the entire disk, erasing over the data and writing over the data 7 times.


Do I need to select the "Most secure" option? I have not selected it yet because I don't know if it has any detrimental long term impact on the SD card.


I am using the SD card that came bundled with my gopro (SanDisk extreme 64GB).


So far I have formatted the card on my gopro, formatted the card on my mac, formatted it on my mac followed by gopro, and every time the SD card error will still randomly come up. Sometimes I can use the card a few times after formatting without any issues, and sometimes it works for a few minutes after formatting before giving the errror.


This is my first gopro and this issue has made for a very disappointing experience. The SD card error occurs during a recording, never when I just start the recording, so I start the camera and I have no idea that it has stopped recording after 10 minutes with an error, and have lost good footage due to this.

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Re: SD card error on hero 9

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Use the tool found here:

It's a proper formatter for SD cards and works in both Windows and Mac.  


Back up your SD card

Then use the tool and select "Overwrite format"

After that completes, then perform another format in your camera and you should be good to go.