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SD Cards, Transfering Videos and Storage Issues

If anyone can help I would be extreamly grateful....


I've purchased a Gopro Session 5 with the idea of filming some of my upcoming tour of America on a Harley and have been carrying out some tests before I travel so I know what I can and can't do. While I'm away the only storage media I will have is my S7 Edge as I can't fit a laptop into my luggage. My original Idea was to download the videos onto my phone after each recording session then upload them to cloud storage once my phones SD card is full. But I've hit a bit of a stumbling block....


The Capture app won't allow me to save videos directly to the SD card installed on my phone. It will only allow me to use the internal phone memory which hasn't got enough room for more than one of the 17 minute recordings that the Session 5 produces. Saving each video indivually onto my phone's internal memory then transfering it to the SD card before downloading the next one is far to much of a ball ache and I find it almost impossible to believe that Gopro won't allow me to use the SD card or am I missing something?


If anyone out there has an alternative solution I'd love to hear it as I'm sure there are loads of people out their who travel, record and download videos in similar scenarios.


Thanks in advance



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Re: SD Cards, Transfering Videos and Storage Issues

I have the same problem. I use my phone to download the videos and even when I do move them to the SD card the GoPro app then cannot find them. There needs to be a way to have the GoPro app pick the download file location