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SD Card missing GoPro Hero 9

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Dear GoPro,

My SD card is missing in my GoPro Hero 9 package which I ordered at launch.
The past 3 weeks I have tried to solve the issue together with your support team.
But they are very hard to reach, and never solve my problem.
I have spoken to more than 15 employees, and they all promised me a call back after sending in the images of my package.
However I have never received a call back, after sending in the images 3 times.
Every time I contact support again, the process starts all over again.
Please solve my case!
I have spend more than 20 hours on this case, which is worth way more than the actual SD card!
I hope you can create a solution to compensate, elseway I will report GoPro at the Federal Trade Commission, together with your more than 80% one star ratings on Trust Pilot. Your service needs to be improved!

Please solve my case ASAP!