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Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

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I've rolled back my firmware to 1.61 from 1.70 this has cured every problem I had with the Hero 7 Bl...

What I did was reformated my micro sd card via the gopro menu on the camera, access the preferences menu and scroll to the bottom click RESET then click FORMAT SD CARD, turn off the camera pop out your sd card then insert the sd card in your computer, then make sure your 1.61 firmware files are placed in to a folder and name it  UPDATE, drag and drop the folder containing 1.61 firmware named UPDATE in to your SD card, remove the sd card from the computer and reinsert it back in to the gopro hero 7 black, turn on the camera and it will install the 1.61 firmware, leave it to run it's course the camera will start up and shut down multiple times and then say complete, do not do nothing the camera will start it's self as normal, your finished...YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! but it worked for me.


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Re: Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

Thanks for this post, I am keen to try this given the issues I've been having after updating to v1.80.


Do you know where I can find the old firmware files though? 


Thank you. 

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Re: Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

Andrewh4088 find the link below for 1.61 firmware, just wondering if you installed 1.80 via the GoPro app or manually installed it like I described in my original post? Recently I manually installed 1.80 and it’s fine, the only problem I had was with firmware 1.70.
Here is the link to 1.61
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Re: Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

Thanks for the link!


I updated my Hero 7 Black via the app, and since then have experienced video freezing issues - it's extremely frustrating because in the moment the camera looks like it's functioning perfectly. But when I view the videos later on, the video is frozen while audio capture continues fine. 


Not happy at all about this. 


Will try rolling back my firmware to see if that helps. 

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Re: Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

I too am having issues with 1.80 firmware.  Same video freezing and audio contines.  I am recording 1080p/60 wide, so not even high pixel rate format.  I use it to record sports and once the event is over there is not chance to redo it so I have lost some videos that cannot be recreated.


Does anyone have a fix for 1.80 firmware video freezing issues?

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Re: Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

What SD card are you using? Have you tried with a different card? If yes, what card (make/model/size)?

Download the manual update to your computer.
Extract the UPDATE folder to your computer.
Using a SD/USB adapter, insert your card into your computer.
Perform a FULL (not Quick) format of your card.
Copy the UPDATE folder (not to the blank, formatted, SD card.
Eject the card and put it in the camera.
Press the Side Mode button to power on the camera.
When the update competes, format the card in the camera Preferences>Reset>Format SD card
Factory Reset the camera Preferences>Reset>Factory Reset

Take one photo and then some videos. If the issue persist, repeat the above with a different SD card. If that doesn't resolve the issue, contact the GoPro Support Team

Other settings that may help:
1) Lock the camera orientation to either UP or DOWN
2) Turn off Auto Low light (you don't need this, unless you don't know to reduce your frame rate in low light)
3) Always format the SD card in the camera before your days shoot
4) Periodically perform a full format in your computer.
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Re: Rollback firmware for Hero 7 Black

I am on FW 1.80  its the ebst in the world  Lol no. I lost sound swore I had the promic in  yep   gopro  needs to be put back on a factory working firmware to please the customer, they won'tthey'll pop in here , remove the link so grab it or save it next time likesome of us do,