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Requesting tips on hatcam settings for shooting RC Gliders outdoors

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I just got the Hero8 Black yesterday and only used it once so far.. Have whatched some tutorials on YT but am seeking a specific setup recommendation for my key op mode 


When mounted on a hatcam I can't see or frame the small aircraft in the sky but believe these panoramic outdoor shots will be way too wide unless I zoom in ..Is there any way to start wide then zoom in during a single long flight using voice commands?   can I switch to a custom named Preset by voice command?  I'm asking cause my hands are both busy flying the plane and I can'r see the camera display..  


its windy ( noisy) on the slopes i fly too, and I also want to mnimize shake and vibration and get good footage of the plane in action to post on YT ..   what are a good set of key settings I should use for video and another for pictures? 


Can I hear what mode the camera is in if I switch between video to Photo and back will it beep in a different tone or pattern as it switches?  

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Re: Requesting tips on hatcam settings for shooting RC Gliders outdoors

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use the editor, shoot in  4k.  and crop.


these cameras radius for distances is not there if asked