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Requesting help - have not received my replacement 7 Black for close to 2 years

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I have been a loyal customer since 2014. I owned a Hero 3+ Black (2014), 5 Black (2016), 7 Black, 8 Black(2019) and have the 9 Black bundle in shipping.



In December 2018, I was on a trip in Dubai. Using the Hero 7 Black + GoPro suction mount to take a timelapse of a drive (which I have done multiple times, and have always checked to see if it was firmly mounted).

  • The suction mount failed and the GoPro was lost. 
  • I wrote to GoPro support and was promised a replacement GoPro 7 Black + Suction mount which was incredible service
  • I received the replacement package in Feb 2019 and it only contained the suction mount, no GoPro camera. 
  • I wrote to support and followed up with them weekly from March 2019 - November 2019 but was always told by the CSR team that my case was with the claims department and "someone will reach out". I got really busy in November and stopped following up as I had lost hope.
  • Last week, November 2020 I ordered the GoPro Hero 9 Black bundle and thought of following up on the case since it had been 1 year that I had followed up. I tried inputting my information on the support page for a call back only to find that it would immediately prompt me with "All our agents are busy, please try again later". However, when I tried with my work email and work phone, the call back was scheduled without issue (which means my case was probably closed and blacklisted on the system). 
  • Yesterday (Nov 30, 2020) a CSR agent (Brian) called me back, he looked through my case and said he has "marked the case for follow up" and recommended I try to schedule a follow up again.
  • Today (Dec 1, 2020) I scheduled a follow up successfully and received a call back from CSR Agent (Francis) who told me the same thing: "Your case is with claims and someone will reach out to you. We cannot do anything as it is not in our department anymore".

REQUESTING COMMUNITY HELP: I don't think I'm going to hear back since I've been down this road before; I've tried asking for managers, supervisors etc. to no avail. I'm hoping someone from the community takes notice and GoPro quality control takes some accountability or ownership. I have the case number, chat transcripts and all details handy to prove the case if required. Any help would be appreciated, or if anyone knows someone in this mysterious claims department that no one can seem to reach - much appreciated. 


Thank you in advance