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Replacement camera, same issues

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I purchased a Hero session 5 almost a year ago.  Always had trouble connecting it to devices.  Then it developed an issue where it refused to stay turned off if the connections were turned on.  After contacting GoPro and going through the manual update process (which wasn't explianed correctly on the website, and has been edited since my complaint) the connectivity improved, but the camera still would not shut down. GoPro sent me a replacement camera.


Unfortunatly I don't think my camera was broken.  The new Session 5 is doing the same thing. Now I've spent hours playing with this thing and borrowing other devices.  This issue seems to be related to bluetooth connectivity and also only seems to be an issue with my Google Pixel (Android version 9), the one device I own and would like to use.


Works properly using:


iPhone 7 software version 12.2


Samsung A5 Android version 8


Acer B3-A30 Android Version 6


Samsung Galaxy Tab E Android Version 7.1.1


Anyone have any ideas!?  Is almost seems to me like something needs to be updated for newer versions of Android.  I performed a manual update to the new camera as soon as I got it so it should be up to date.


Pretty frustrated at this point.



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Re: Replacement camera, same issues

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Hello @carpart. Thank you for the detailed feedback. We hear your concerns and can assure you that we're working on full support for your Android device and many others in the future. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime. 



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Re: Replacement camera, same issues

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Sounds like an issue with your Google Pixel. For some reason it's automatically initiating a connection and turning your camera on whenever it see the Bluetooth broadcast.