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Re: Replacement Concern

It be best to tel lthe OP what he needs here?  he said he cannot supply that info where it was gotten from, or a reciept.   it was a gift.  


Would he need to show you the camera, show you  the seriel number, show you the box. or does he need to go get a reciept, go get the credicard bill.  go get the invoice.  what does he need?

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Re: Replacement Concern

Dear GoPro,

The issue has not been resolve, all the representatives did not really understand my concern, for me that is bad customer service, GoPro customer service are like robots, inhuman I know and understand the importance of all the information that they are asking but still what they are doing is not as they say going the extra mile, all they wanna do is disappoint customers, if this is going to be it for me then there is nothing I can do anymore. I would say this is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAD...
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Re: Replacement Concern

how is it bad customer service when you can't provide something as simple as a receipt/proof of purchase, as I've already said no retailer is going to do anything without that


instead of going down the same lines everytime with GoPro, pester your sister get the receipt of here so you can give GoPro at least some information. The customer service advisor will have a preset procedure they need to go through before an exchange can be authorised