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Replaced Lens, Only focuses REALLY close up now - what's the deal?!

I used this camera 3 times, and the third time used a suction cup for a timelapse on my tractor. It lasted all day until I remoevd it to swap batteries, then when I stuck it back on (gave it  good wiggle to make sure) it detached when I closed the tractor door.


Camera smashed both the lens cover AND the lens. Still turned on. NO other visible damage.


I was able to buy a used GoPro lens online ($30) and a new lens cover by GoPro ($20 Amazon). I unscrewed the borken lens, screwed in the new one, and  . . . . .


blurr. (I did NOT add the lens cover)


I concluded it must have a finger print on either side, so I took it out, bought a new camera microfiber and some spray and began cleaning both sides of the lens (main lens). SCrewed it back in.


Still blurr.


I DID notice it had ZERO issue focusing on all the detail on my finger if it was right in the lens. I also noticed that the tighter I screw the lens, the better the focus got . . .though still useless as far a general shooting goes.


Everything is genuine GoPro, do I need to adjust a setting? Screw it in super duper tight, could my lens be scratched eventhough I don't see any scratches? I've turned off hyper smooth and played with the settings a bit but nothing has helped (and it DOES focus fine right up close).


Is my camera just toast from the fall? Or should I buy another lens and hope the next one does better?

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Re: Replaced Lens, Only focuses REALLY close up now - what's the deal?!

 how did you fine tune it?  did you turn on the  camera, turn on wifi, Place the camera  and start focusing?