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Renaming Presets

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Hi I just wondered if anyone knows if there is a firmware update on the horizon that will allow for presets to be be renamed? I don't have a skateboard, so "skate" is meaningless to me. I do need to use the GoPro at night, so being able to rename "Skate" to "Night" would be useful to me. That's just one example, but you get the drift?
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Re: Renaming Presets

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Hello, @martinbrummie. We will check with the team and pass your feedback along. We do not have information on any upcoming firmware update particular to allowing customization of preset names. Currently, we are awaiting the release of v1.5 for HERO9 Black as described here. We will definitely post about it once we have new information. Thanks!

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Re: Renaming Presets

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This is exactly what I was trying to figure out right after upgrading to the hero 9 from my hero 6.  I like to have several settings that are similar but have slight tweeks to them and would love to have this ability even if it was only availabe when using the mobile app.  For instance, I put together flying videos while I'm practicing the my landings or when I'm just flying around to new airports and I like the idea of having a preset with similar settings that is setup for night flying versus day flying.  Right now, I have both setup with the Travel name (because it has a plane on it ;) ), but it would be nice if I could name them like Day Flying and Night Flying.  This would help organize these better, for me anyway.  Also, it would be very useful to be able to upload your settings to the GoPro Cloud or to be able to copy and transfer all presets from one camera to other cameras.  Anyway, I do love the new hero 9 and can't wait to experiment more with it.  


TLDR: custom names for presets would be very nice, I agree!

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Re: Renaming Presets

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Hey @mariustanya 

I've been asking for this since presets were introduced on the Hero8 Black!!!


We need to be able to rename existing presets or create new names.  The vast majority of current preset names do not apply to how I use my GoPro cameras and there is no way for me to remember which preset corresponds to what settings using names that don't relate at all to how I use them.  If changing the names directly on the camera is too complicated at least make it so we can rename the presets from the mobile app!!!


Also we need a way to save those presets (think something like export/import presets) on the mobile app.  Do you have any idea how much of a pain in the ass it is to try to reproduce all the same presets on multiple cameras or just to recreate your presets after a Factory reset on a camera?


PLEASE pass this to the team for a future mobile app version and/or firmware update.