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Recording stopping.

I am writing because I am SO frustrated right now. I was recorded my daughter volleyball game this evening with my GoPro Hero 7 Black FW ver 1.70. I setup the 9 foot tall tripod and I opened the GoPro App on my phone to get the camera squared up with the court at the 3 meter line on the side where our team is playing. Everything looked grand and I started to record. After we won the first set I moved the camera to the opposite side on the court at the 3 meter line. I opened the app and I noticed it was not recording. (pissed) So I powered on the camera and squared up with the court and started recording. Everything looked fine.
Second game, both sets, squared up with the court at the 3 meter line on both sides for each set.
Third game, Opened the app squared up with the court at the 3 meter line. I starting recording. When I checked the app later in the game because I am nerves it might stop the recording time was incrementing correctly, but the picture was black. I hopped on the top of the bleachers to reach the camera and lightly tapped the screen and the image popped up and everything looked fine from the camera and the red lights where blinking.

Got home to transfer the videos:
Game one: First 5 minutes of the first set was recoded. Whole second set was recorded.  
Game two: Both sets recoded fine.
Game three: A small 27 KB file was there.

Camera setup:
MPEG: 1080, 60 fs, L, H.264 + HEVC
Voice Control: OFF
Auto Power Off: OFF
Video Stabilization: ON
Low Light: ON
Protune: OFF
Screen Saver: 1min
SD Card: SanDisk Extreme 32 Gig that was shipped with the camera when I bought it directly from GoPro.

Phone App:
Ver: HD7.

Ever since I upgraded to FW 1.70 I have been having issues with this camera.  You do not let the consumer choose an older firmware version from your site. I want to roll back to 1.64 or 1.62. I cannot remember which it used to be on. By not giving us access to the older firmware’s you are forcing consumers to get it from 3rd party sites (I as a 22 year IT guy knows this is not the right place to get it and can be dangers) but you are not making it easy for people. My big issue I dropped a lot of money on the camera and all the accessories and now I am going into these game thinking I am documenting these moments of my child and now I don’t have anything to show for half the games today. This is the third weekend I have had issues like this. VARY frustrating.

The next step I am going to take is resetting the GoPro to the factory settings and manually reloading the firmware v.1.70.

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Re: Recording stopping.

Hello @epicdawn68627. We appreciate the detailed description of the issue. We only have the latest firmware version as the latest version has the fixes and new features included to allow the camera to work smoothly. 


There are a few things that we would like to check. Was the SD card full when you checked  it after all the games?  How long were the recordings? See if the videos may have been chaptered and the segments are in different file names.  Let us know how it goes when you test again.. It will also help to format the card before you start with a new set of recordings.