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Record in 4k and downscale to 1080?

Hi everyone,


I was thinking what is the recommended recording setup for a holiday trip with Hero6. Should I record in 4k30 (or 60 when EIS not needed) and downscale it to 1080 or record in 2.7k60 or 1440/60 and then downscale? Or forget about downscale and upload everything as it is? :)


I dont have 4k TV or screen at the moment and no plans to buy it in the next couple of months, but I am planning to take pictures from the videos in case I've missed a photo so I think 4k and downscale would be better...



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Re: Record in 4k and downscale to 1080?

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No problem to downscale. I dont have a 4k tv either and even if I did,  would probably make 1080 video anway as thy really look good. 

What I do it record in 2.7k, this give one the possiblity to zoom in quite a bit and or pan to get the best footage without loosing any quality.

What are you doing on your holiday? For action 4k/60 or 2.7K120 if there is plenty of light. Nice for the slomo shots. If general shoots, 4K30, 2.7K30 or even 1080. No need to go overboard if just shooting stuff and not action.   

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Re: Record in 4k and downscale to 1080?

4k will give you a better exported picture, other than that inless you plan on zooming in during editing I'd be tempted to record in 1080. It'll give you more space on the SD card, & the lower power needed to process will give less chance of the camera glitching/freezing (plus might even get more battery life)