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Re: is not normal!

There is no main Post would  you not mind filling all in of the problem  again .

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Re: is not normal!

want share my , ridiculous , situation.
All started when , my mistake , decided to buy a GoPro. Two days before my travel (Santo Domingo ) I decide to buy a go pro becuase seem to be the leader in the market but unfortunately it with me or for me.
- [x] During the week ( not exactly every day people are in holidays) the camere has already some problem and freezing - obviously could not use as suppose to be ( at least few time per day was freezing). Exhausted from the situation I opened a chat ( you have on the back office the copy ) to ask what I can do becuase , of course , ruined my vacation ( I have a blog and Instgram high profile so was important to me to have those photos) but seems nothing could be done except call the support number when back. Actually on my return is what I did and seems that was my mistake because ( nobody told me ) the camere is out of the factory with ( very known problem from go pro with Software problem ) issue then requested an upgrade of software. Of course disappointing and disappointed i Tried to follow the steps in the guidance mail and the result was successful ( just the upgrade I mean) then I confirmed to the customer support that was done and they suggested me to try next time on travel ( after few weeks because I work in tourism management ) and the case will still be opened for a while since the case need a follow up. Well the nightmare started already on the plans going to Greece because the camere was freezing again..... of course no way to use also in Greece..... when I come back contacted the help desk and suggested , at this stage , to change the camera with same model ( which was ok for me because I just wanted my camera working ). Then they send me all the necessary and I went to return the camera ( via courier) as requested. I was so happy that finally , after almost 4/5 months I could have my camera working ...... ready to be use for Paris , Los Angeles and Las Vegas next trips ....... after 15 says almost ( I did the shipping immediately to have the camera for my trips .... I believed ) the camera arrived ..... here 2 surprises already becuase the camera was “dirty “ then seems to me was used ( or not new anyhow ) but I imagined that happened because they tested and checked to make sure was ok........ now the funny part comes ( funny for the story not for me at all ). Next trips ( Paris , Los Angeles and Las Vegas ) camera freezing again and not only while using for photos/video but also if I want to see the photo taken!!!!!!! The nightmare continued( 6 months already) becuase I called the customer service to “shock them “ ( they were speechless when they heard it). The first line staff ( hamza and the other don’t remind the name ) transfer me ( was also my request ). I explained the situation and , at this stage , when she Peppe me 3rd change ( of the same model ) hopping this one willl be working I refused because , after so long , there is no chance to get back my money not even I used the camera I have payed for 6 months. They offered to me some discount voucher ( at first the same offered to everyone on the web site and then only to me - as they say ) to buy a new camera( new model ) !!!!!! Is it a joke ????????????????
- [ ] Then we agreed , as I told her that I will not accept the change and as apologizing an accessory ( I don’t know how and what to do if the camera is not working ) that she will call me in 2 days because she will try to talk to someone in USA) because , seems they are the only one able to ,in case , as kindly gesture and a compensation ( since is clear that I am right and is ridiculous been forced to get the same camera model and just and handler as excuses ). In the same call she invited me to open also on the web ( customer feedback ) and I did twice but no way to get a reply or a call till now ( this is the 3rd I have to open ). Of course she did not call me then , today , I called becuase I had to travel in Spain and I wish to get an answer ...... more funny coming because she ( Elisabetta her name ) never called me but ask someone ( Alessandro ) to call me back becuase she had a lot to do ( you can listen the call recorded )!!!!!!the result of the story for me non finished ( 7 months ) is that they cannot do nothing, go pro does not want to change with next model ( was my request because 7 mounts paid items without use plus 4 trips ruined ) and they cannot give me back the money ..... the only think is to send toy me the same model hopping will work ( for your info the same camere is not even on the web site in selling any longer and in case Is out of selling and next is not working ..... I have to think that the next time the insert will be : “ sorry we cannot try changing again the camera bexuase not in stock anymore “.... at this stage is possible !!!!!!!
- [ ] Just to give a full overview ..... I have been so patient for 6 months and I did not pretend nothing ( they promised me 1 month ago and handler as kindly gesture - not even this received becuase seems to be out of stock - is it a joke ?????? ) but at this stage my right is to be compensated!!!!!!
- [ ] My spoiled holidays, all the time wasted on call with customer care , all the joke I am receiving from go pro ....... not the last I cannot use the item I bought 7 months ago ( even the second ).
- [ ] Is clear the product are not working ( from the factory )and this , according the law , extends the warranty and the time of return ( is stated by the law) but seems that GoPro does not want to solve a problem to a customer but push me to keep the broken camera and buy a new one !!!!
- [ ] Would you ever give a penny to GoPro after that ?
- [ ] Don’t you think GoPro should make a kindly gesture not even wait ( after the change and 7 months) I requested?
- [ ] Don’t you think that all the ruined holidays and trips are stressing myself enough ?
- [ ] Don’t you think you are forcing me ????
- [ ] Hope someone will be courageous to call me to discuss further the situation!!!!
- [ ] GoPro want me to go to customer protection officers - if yes please send to me the contact were I. An address the formal/layer complaints for the ruined trips and all the time spend on call.
- [ ] I hope someone will call me - if really GoPro cares about customer just giving you his money ( if I cannot use the camera I felt you stole my money )

- [ ] Make sure , I will share this experience, trough tall the social and review GoPro wherever is possible - not one time!!!!!!
- [ ] GOPRO does not seems to be leader brand ok camera but just a leader in taking money and bye bye ( if you have different idea after my story you should be really courageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- [ ] So tired to hear that I need to try to upgrade the software again and again !!!!!!!!!! If the camera does not work properly you should not sell it !!!!!!!!