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Rain-X Ant-Fog

Is it safe to use Rain-X Anti-Fog on the inside of the plastic housing?  I note on the back of the product it states "do not use on plastics", although I've seen comments from others stating they haven't had an issue.  Any advise welcome. 



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Re: Rain-X Ant-Fog

Using anti-fog inserts is the most ideal solution. They can be found on Amazon for very cheap and work well.

As far as the Rain-X Anti-Fog, you can use it on the glass protective lens but want to avoid the plastic on the case if you can. No real damage will come to the case, but it might get a permanent haze and/or get discolored. You do want to make sure you don't get it in the seal that goes on the back door. Either remove the rubber seal or just take the door off. Taking the door off is the simplest and safest option.

If you have the dive housing, you can use a torx4 screwdriver to take the lens off to treat it (BTW Rain-X does not work to keep water droplets of the lens unless you are moving extremely fast, like on a speed boat). If you are treating the standard housing, there is a possibility of damaging the internal rubber seal between the lens and case. You won't be able to replace this, so use caution.