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RTMP URL wants to see the internet?

GoPro Hero 7 Black, live streaming via "RTMP URL" option, to server on private wireless router network. GoPro, server, and stream player are all on this private network. No internet resources are required.


This all works beatifully, but *only* if the router can see the internet - otherwise the GoPro reports "We weren't able to connect you to this network" during "Setup Live".


I built the platform, tested it, and then as I went to deploy, found that I couldn't get the GoPro to connect to the wireless network (I'm talking specifically about the very first configuration option at the top of the RTMP URL config screen, after you've pressed "SETUP LIVE" on your phone, controlling the GoPro).


After much trial and error, I found that if I gave the wireless router an upstream connection to the internet, the GoPro will connect to my wireless network. Keep in mind, that the platform I've built (nginx + ffplay) isn't in play at this point -- I'm just trying to get the GoPro connected to my router.


Before I found the internet connectivity trick, I had tried all the 2G/5G/channel/channel width variations, I even bought a new router.


So my guess is that the GoPro tries to "phone home" when being connected to a network for RTMP URL streaming, but I don't know why. It's possibly a housekeeping check used by the FB and YT direct streaming core libraries that they forgot to remove for RTMP URL streaming (???),  but it would sure be good to have that fixed.  My workaround is to get a 4G dongle to give my router access to the internet when I'm streaming (it's for streaming on location at a venue to a local display - no internet is actually needed).


Wondering if anyone knows a fix/workaround, experienced the same issue, or can at least let development know. Hope this at least helps someone else experiencing the week of frustration I've had!