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RMA process is unnacceptable

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I guess this has been said before, but I need to vent!


GoPro's RMA timescales are 10-15 business days to send a new camera out once the old one is received. So that's at least a month of going without a camera.


I feel that having received a defective £400 camera, it is unacceptable to expect a customer to go this long without a camera. Other companies I have used will go out of their way to reduce inconvenience, e.g. by sending a courier with a replacement who will take the old item away.


I tried and failed to escalate this and ask for the replacement to be sent out before I send my camera back, but GoPro consistently refused.


Twitter and this forum is filled with people unable to track their RMAs, or who have been waiting far longer than promised.


So I'm left with the decision of sending mine back and beginning a period of months without the camera where no doubt I'll be trying to get updates from GoPro, which is impossible as their support team is a nightmare to get hold of (and when I do, I have to repeat all previous conversations again). Massively disappointed and angered by this whole process.


I've never had such a poor experience from a supposedly premium brand in my life, and I cannot recommend GoPro to others anymore.

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Re: RMA process is unnacceptable

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Well... calling GoPro a premium brand is unfortunate. I've experienced issues with the 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 GoPro. The session was okay, but they cancelled that range.


Good luck with the return. (I'm buying early next year, from Amazon, as a new firmware should have attempted to fix issues).