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REMO compatibility

I know that REMO is natively compatible with gopro 5 and above but...
With the Gopro App (Android in my case), once I've been paired my Gopro Hero 4 silver, at the screen of remote shots, I saw a setup button, with one I've found an option to pair the camera with wi-fi or Bluetooth devices, and, for my surprise, on BT devices REMO was found, but it can't be paired that way because it was "busy"...

Then, I've found some videos with in boxing and pairing methods but, one finally worked:

1st: Gopro must be paired with the cellphone;
2nd: enter on pairing mode on your camera and it will give you time enough to get your phone, and enter at setup options cited above;
3rd: with REMO turned of, hold on/off button about 7-8 sec until it blink a blue light slowest than normal;

The magic is:
-the app is not capable of pairing with REMO alone;
-the camera is not compatible with REMO alone TOO, but...
-The app is like a bridge to pair both and controll perfectly!

I did it about 10 minutes ago and I don't know much at all (including voice recognition function TOO!)

I hope I could help someone else with the same problem