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RED FLAGS - Customer Service + GoPro Plus Worth It?

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TL;DR - Customer support constantly failing me (a new customer). Not too trustful or encouraged by company experience or further research into all the feedback surrounding others' customer support experiences.


Hey folks,


I'm frustrated right now with my first interaction with GoPro's customer service. I purchased a GoPro Hero 8 a bunch of accessories and signed-up for a Plus subscription. This was a week ago and have yet to receive any updates in their order emails or system.


Customer Service Issues:

  • I was disconnected by the support representative mid-sentence.
  • They were reading from a script and what they were telling me made no sense.
  • They did not call back despite getting disconnected by them. I tried to immediate phone them back and my call connected to their automated messaging system telling me to go online.
  • Tried to request another call back and even connect to their chat feature which wasn't connecting. I disabled any and all ad or script blocking plugins on my browser to ensure it wasn't the browser preventing connection to their chat help.

Red Flags:

  • Many posts in forums, reddit, social media, etc... saying how abysmal customer support is at GoPro, as far back as 2017.
  • Supposedly, a Plus Subscription means you get 24/7 access to support, but what good is that if they hang-up on you or don't call you back?
  • They have created a moat to prevent anyone from having open communication from corporate. They've disabled their social media direct messaging as well as ensuring the only number you can contact is an automated message telling you to hang up and go to the customer support contact page.

I am on the verge of refusing both shipments (if they ever) arrive and contacting my credit card company to dispute any further charges.


Other issues I've found that could potentially point to more problems with their company's products:

  • GoPro website was running a weird script on the main product page for mobile and MacOS desktop browsing (both Chrome and Safari) causing the browser to crash. The only way to get to the products pages was to immediately click on the Cameras or Accessories links at the top prior to the script loading the main page and killing the browser.
  • There is no open social media prescence from the company's leadership, which feels like they've cashed-out and refuse to stand behind their operations or products.
  • Customer Service has either been outsourced or the leadership of the team is failing, due to the number of complaints and numerous unanswered complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.


Now ask yourself, how much do you actually TRUST this company to follow-through on the promises they're making with their GoPro Plus subscription service?

  • Do you TRUST them with storing your backed-up videos and photos securely?
  • Do you TRUST they won't accidentally corrupt or delete your content?
  • Do you TRUST what they're doing with the content you're uploading to their services?
  • Do you TRUST that they'll provide a seemless and supportive customer support experience should you require any repairs or replacements for your Plus-covered device?

So far that TRUST is off to a bad start for me and I'm unsure if I want to invest any further time or money into finding a responsive and reasonable solution to even the smallest of problems that could be answered with a more approachable company.