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RAW files on IOS


I have been having a lot of trouble getting actual raw files to show on my iPhone.

I have tried syncing from the GoPro app,and also tried a lightning to microSD reader. Both methods show up as .JPG.

The RAW files even show up as .JPG in the GoPro app when taken.

Can someone help with this? I don’t have access to a computer.
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Re: RAW files on IOS

There RAW files will have the extension GPR. You need Adobe Lightroom to edit them. When you take a photo in RAW a corresponding jpg photo is created. I don't know about iPhone for certain, but I suspect it doesn't support GPR files so it's not showing up. The app will not transfer over gpr files, only the jpg.
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Re: RAW files on IOS

Thank for the reply!

I have Adobe Lightroom mobile, if this works? The IOS 12 update said they now support RAW files on IOS.

Has anyone on here been able to successfully transfer RAW to iPhone? Without the use of a computer
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Re: RAW files on IOS

RAW is not a single file format (it's also not an acronym and therefore should be written raw without capitals but I diverge).  Raw files are the captured information from the sensor before it has been processed into an image file. 


Different manuracturers (or even different cameras from the same manufacturer) will write this information in different ways which means that software that states it can read raw files might not be able to read the raw file from a specific camera because its information is written differently to the formats that the spoftware knows.


Sometimes you need a convertor to take the raw image format the camera spews out and reorganise it into a format the software can read.  Adobes DNG format is a raw format that the majority of raw compatiable apps can handle.


Some cameras do actually write DNG formatted raw files, but then complicate the fact by giving it a totally different extension.  You could try renaming the .GPR to .DNG to see if Lightroom will open them then.


Other than that you will probably have to get something like Adobe DNG converter on a PC or Mac (I don't think they do an iOS version) to convert them to the DNG format.