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Quick - dashing



When i use Dashing, and others, in Quick and then save the clip on my android some parts of the clip becomes black. In the editior the clip seems ok but when I save it parts of it becomes black.


Its very annoying because I really like to use the app when Im travelleing.





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Re: Quick - dashing

Sorry to hear about that @rudeteddy.

So this seems to happen on Android phones. 

Android aren't really made to edit videos, but

the iPhone works with the App really easy, also having

more features. In your settings make sure pro-res is off.

And set it at 720p or 1080p and see if that works.

Also you phone needs 3-4 GB of RAM. Like

a Samsung S6 or S7. Will work best. 

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Re: Quick - dashing

I'll try this. Hope it will work. Can't find the same features on the desktop version. 



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Re: Quick - dashing

Tried the solution for Android and sadly it don't work for me. Really don't like apple and my iPad doesn't have enough space. But hey, thanks for your help @chrisediting
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Re: Quick - dashing


This issue still exists in latest version.

It concerns complex themes when multiple videos are used in frame like Dashing and Over theme.

The same configuration on Action seems to work fine except intro title.

On Slice there was no problems

So maybe there is a problem with some librabry effects the are used there.

Really pity because Dashing looks awesome.

If some effects need more RAM there should be an appropriate message or better yet some optimization.


I've got Samsung S5.


On the other hand I cannot use Desktop version because I cannot upload videos from my phone.


Best regards

Mariusz Goch