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Questions on Using GoPro for Recording Baseball Games

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I will be recording baseball games for my son's travel baseball team this year for the first time using a GoPro Hero6 and have a few questions:

1. I picked up the camera last night. Coach was using a SanDisk Ulta 32GB Micro SD (HC I). What 64GB micro SD would you recommend?

2. Our plan is to record every game (approximately 50 this Spring plus some practice games). I will record the games, download them afterwards, and then send them to Coach (either by email or download them into a Cloud). Ideally we'd also like parents/family to have access to them too. What is the best way to make them accessible to everyone?

3. I handle the online scorekeeping (GameChanger) so stopping between innings will be difficult without WiFi I would imagine. I also wanted to bookmark plays my son is involved in so we can review them with him later. How important is it not to use WiFi? You need to use WiFi to control the camera with both the app and the remote, correct?

4. What is the best way to protect the camera? He already bought the LynkSpyder standard bracket and the Smatree mount. My concern is a direct hit to the camera with a foul ball. During the regular season we will be hanging the camera from chain link fence, but during indoor practice games it will be hung from mesh netting.

5. What is the difference between the GoPro Hero 6 and the new GoPro Hero 7. Coach bought the Hero6 right before GoPro released the Hero7. Is it worth it to upgrade to the Hero7? From what I saw, GoPro has a trade-in program.....Hero7 Silver would be $199 with the trade-in of the Hero6.


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Re: Questions on Using GoPro for Recording Baseball Games

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  1. Never use SanDisk Ultra.  It may work for awhile, but will inevitably fail.  Use a card from this list.
  2. Upload to YouTube is probably the easiest solution, but GoPro offers GoPro Plus which you can have the camera or Quik desktop software automatically upload to the GoPro Cloud servers.  You can either A) Provide everyone with the user name and password (not very secure and will allow people to delete video) or B) choose select files and share via private link. For example, here is a link to a video from one of my boys baseball games. Another option is to create a gmail account and upload your files to the Google Photos cloud service.  You can designate people who you want to share the files with.  There are also services such as DropBox that might work for you.  Each has it's own pluses and minuses, so there really isn't a "Best" option.
  3. You do need Wi-Fi for the app and Smart Remote, but the Smart Remote uses less power.  If the camera is plugged in to a power source, this wont be a problem.  However, if you need to have the camera free to move around, then using the wireless function will use up more battery.  If you bring a spare battery, it should be more than enough.  Bring a backup to the backup and you will be fine.  If you have GoPro Plus the batteries are 50% off (around $9) so getting a few shouldn't be too cost prohibitive.  Using the Tag feature is one way you might want to bookmark your son's moments.
  4. SuperSuit is the best way to protect the camera.
  5. HERO7 Black is a considerable upgrade to the HERO5/6 Black but the HERO7 Silver is not.  The HERO7 Silver has better stabilization and image quality than the HERO5 but is very similar to the HERO6 but with less features. You should be fine with the HERO6 Black.  The HERO6 Black is a very good camera.
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Re: Questions on Using GoPro for Recording Baseball Games

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I record softball games for my daughters high school and club team with a go pro. I have been using the sandisk cards for 3 years now, no issues at all. I choose to use 64 gb extreme cards, I hve 7 of them so I can rotate them, and I dont have to download the games right away. As for a case, I have an aluminim housing case I got off amazon that attaches to the Lynx spyder and hangs on the fence. I do not use batteries, I run a 20,000 mAh power bank. It keeps the camera from heating up and turning off. I use the wifi to start the recording and then turn it off on my phone and just let the camera run. I can usually record an entire weekend of 7 plus games on one charge. That also keeps it from getting hot. As for the videos, I set up a youtube channel that I download game clips to. I go thru game changer and make note of plays, hits etc. that I want and clip that part, and upload to our youtube channel. The channel is set to private, and you have to be invited to that page to view. I also have some videos I made public for college recruiters to see. I was recording on a hero 4 silver, video was phenominal. I just upgraded to the hero 7 black so that I can live stream the games for those who cant come to the fields.