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Question about viewing/editing footage taken on gopro hero 6 - Advice on Ipad pro

So I just brought my first gopro, the Hero 6. Not really used video photography before so all very new to me!

I've been doing some reading about the HEVC software required for viewing/editing videos taken on the hero 6 but its all very confusing and I don't really understand it.

So far I have been filming in 1080p at 120fps to avoid using the HEVC video as I do not have any device able to be compatible with it. But when trying to view the footage is all very laggy and does not work very well. I have tried on a computer with windows 7.

I've been researching devices which are capable with HEVC and on the website it says the Ipad Pro but I can't seem to find many reviews on how successful this is.

Has anyone got the Ipad Pro for editing videos from their Hero 6? If so, how do you get on with it? Any challenges or adivce?


Thanks very much