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Question about customer support

I know this may not be the right place to put this but not sure where else it should go. Is it just me or does GoPro have the absolute worst customer support in the history of customer support? I have purchased 2 full Karma drone packages with camera and grips included, 3 seperate HERO5 black cameras and every mount and accessory they make. I have also purchased my very last product from them. This is strictly based on customer support. I can't even find a good contact phone nor email to complian to. Each time I have called, I've waited at the minimum 45 min. listening to horrible music only stopped long enough to hear  a recording telling me to ask the community for help rather than an actual employee. I wish I could post my phone history to prove the time. I then get connected to someone i can barely understand and read to from the same script the last person read from. 2 times now I've figured the issue out while on the phone and had to instruct them how to handle the issue. I cant be the only one. 

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Re: Question about customer support

Your not alone, i had a few issues also that never did get resolved. They would be better off letting some of us end users be moderators here.

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Re: Question about customer support

Beetle juice  where he waits on the office.   WHen its your tuen, you'll get treated we all have to wait.


 this is a forum  a community forum, to find answers to   truobles, but yet when these Moderators and adminstrators come on they lack that skill of help.


 If we're having Customer service issues maybe the Staff can answer that but if they did  then we know the answer/ SHORT HANDED

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Re: Question about customer support

Take note. If you search you'll find there are as many compliants about customer service as looking for technical assistance. But thank you for letting me know I just need to wait my turn