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QUestions on the Hero 8 Black

not an Owner a Question I like answered that  maybe a video on machro or phot can help:


Battery Door:


Hard for me to say it  and do my best to explain it;


1. Is the battery door   when unlocked and lifter  up meant to simply slide  off, or is it cliped exactly the way the Hero 7 Black is?  


2. is it to be secured to the camera, until you firmly grip it to pull away?


I ask this if it is to be afirm grip vs a slip off,  If this is the way gopro designed it to be that way.


Page 7 no. 3 Door latch

Page 11, 12  showsdoor again

Page 12  Door latch info. Protip importance


Setting Up Your Camera Setting Up Your Camera
5. Unplug the cable and shut the door when charging is complete.
Be sure the door latch is closed and locked before using your camera.
6. Press the door hinge to ensure a tight seal.


WARNING: Your camera’s door is removable. Be sure that it is
locked, sealed, and waterproof by checking the door latch
and pressing the hinge after closing the door.


CLearly on page 102, 103 it shows and talks of a Hinge  clip need force on. andpeople griping about it falling off on-line and simply  showing it without full detail.



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Re: QUestions on the Hero 8 Black

It's hinged like on previous HERO5/6/7. The lock itself feels much more secure. I'm not sure why on some review channels they comment about it coming off too easy, as this has most certainly not been my experience.
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Re: QUestions on the Hero 8 Black

Thanks @danielr15   maybe they  did not properly install correctly in the first place and just saying it can happen?



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Re: QUestions on the Hero 8 Black

Could be, in not sure.