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Q's about doing long Vid Time Lapses - Hero4 Silver



Anyone have experience doing LOOOONG video time lapses on the 4 Silver? (Like with big memory cards and connected to external power)


1. How do I format the memory card so the camera will use the whole memory card for one big video file, and not segment it into 4GB files like with FAT32? On a computer (specifically not using the GoPro), and in exFAT???? Does exFAT work with GoPro?


2. When doing night video time lapses, does the camera adjust the ISO? There is no setting to do it manually. It seems as if the camera does adjust it, because as soon as I hit record, the screen image brightens a little bit. 



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Re: Q's about doing long Vid Time Lapses - Hero4 Silver

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Any SD card over 32GB needs to be formatted to exFat.  This however, will not prevent the chaptering of your files.  To get the best night time laps you will want to use the photo night time laps.  You will then take these photos and load them into GoPro Studio which will stitch them all together into one video.  


You can use the auto settings, however for full control you can set the ISO and shutter speed.  Make sure your camera has the latest firmware update to have all of the features available to you.