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Purple and Green Screen GoPro

Hey guys, 


Just bought my GoPro Hero7 2 weeks ago and I haven't used it until yesterday. The screen turns green and purple while I'm filming or taking pictures. Is not all the time, sometimes and then disapears again. 

Anyone knows what this is and what can I do? I'm quite disapointed because the camera is brand new and I've been saving for it for a while!

Thank you! 



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Re: Purple and Green Screen GoPro

Hi @anias822


Are the files also affected?

Or does this show only on the LCD screen?


See if resetting the camera will sort out the issue.

If it's still the same, please proceed with a manual update.

Also, make sure you are using a recommended SD card.




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Re: Purple and Green Screen GoPro

Thanks Ej! 

I contacted the support team and there's somthing wrong with my camera so I will get a replacement! 


Thank you for getting back to me :) 



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Re: Purple and Green Screen GoPro

I look at hte SDXC card used that is the speed  of the card causing hte affect. but anything is possible on a gopro thesedays  so best to seek the Reps afvice if uncertain they'll trouble shoot you over the phone if  called