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Purple Strips

Good Morning


During the last recordings at 1080p 60 fp, purple strips appeared, which prevent the video from being displayed


I wanted to know if it's a known case and how I can solve the problem

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Re: Purple Strips

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Hi mate,


2 questions:


  1. Did you record in the sun direction - flares, glows of sun are normal 
  2. Show some picture sample or video


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Re: Purple Strips

Good Mornoing


I use the camera for recording video inside a covered area with artificial illumination but is not first time use the camera in this situation and I've never had any problems.


The firmware is last versione. Update the camera in Agust 2018 and if I'm not mistaken it should be the version V5.0.0


This evening I try to send a video


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Re: Purple Strips


Hi @fastsand04814


What camera and SD card are you using?

It will be best if you can share a sample file so we can assess the issue further.




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Re: Purple Strips

I've seen something similar in my own GoPro Hero 4 Black when recording timelapse.  Purple bars can appear across the display at random.  I found there was some sort of interference from leaving the WiFi turned on.  Turning it off may help clear this.