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Protune audio almost 1 second out of sync with mic adapter connected

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At present, I use a GoPro Hero 7 black with the external mic adapter. In the adapter I connect an external audio source as well as an external USB-C battery power bank. 

Currently I have an issue where the protunes raw audio file that is created, is out of sync with the audio that is embedded into the mp4 video file. The below links highlight that this can be "fixed" by powering on and starting the recording before connecting the USB-C mic adapter. 

My need for the USB-C battery bank is that my recordings will typically run for several hours (much longer than the internal battery can sustain). By using the external mic adapter, I can power the camera from the power bank and conduct my recordings exclusively from external power. 

Is there a way to resolve the audio issue without disconnecting/reconnecting the mic adapter? 



Quick video I shot explaining the issue GoPro is having while recording with an external Mic while supplying an external power source. I explain ways to fix ...
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Re: Protune audio almost 1 second out of sync with mic adapter connected

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It would appear I may be stuck between two different problems. 

Problem 1. My audio is out of sync, with a possible way around it would be to start recording before connecting the external mic adapter. 

Problem 2. Due to the length of my videos, I cannot have a battery internal to the gopro as the hero 7 does not support charging + recording simultaneously like the previous models did. 
Following the rather long thread here, there seems to be no resolution for external power charging a hero 7 whilst recording, or even simply switching primary power source from battery to external power when available.

As a result, problem 2 is preventing problem 1 from being worked around even on a temporary basis.