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Problems with Go Pro Not starting

I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  Unfortunately I have not used in sometime.   I pulled out to charge but it would not charge my battery.   I followed the take the battery out and SD out, reinsert the battery and plugged into the computer to see if I could get charged.  I am using the GoPro micro USD so I no I have the right cord.   No light, no activity what so ever.   So I went out an bought a external charger and new battery thinking maybe that was the problem.  Charged the battery to it's full capacity but it still.  Inserted the battery and still will not start.  The camera is completely dead.   Is there anything else I can try?

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Re: Problems with Go Pro Not starting

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Check the condition of the electrical contacts in the battery compartment of your Gopro. Try to clean them and to lightly scrape their surface.
Do the same with the contacts of old battery.


Once done, use your new battery to trying to start your Gopro. In case of success, retry with the cleaned old battery.



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Re: Problems with Go Pro Not starting

I tried that.  I tested the battery in friends GoPro so I know it is not the battery.  Looks like the unit died.  Very disappointing. 

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Re: Problems with Go Pro Not starting

Did you try a factory reset?


Hold the shiutter button while powering up the camera.

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Re: Problems with Go Pro Not starting

@burt1965, sorry to hear about the trouble. The power or charging issue in the camera can be related to either the charging fault, charging cable, battery problem, or the camera itself. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions that will help resolve this issue: HERO4 Camera Will Not Power On


If the issue persists, our Support team will be able to assist you with the next steps. You may reach them through