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Problems and things to improve in the Gopro Hero 7 black

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List of problems and things to improve that I have detected until now in the Gopro Hero 7 Black.
Some of the things I indicate are only logically according to my personal opinion and even some may be related to a defect in my specific camera unit. But that's what I found and that's why I share, hoping it can be solved in future firmware updates.

1 - The battery recording followed by 1080p 50fps with everything disabled, wifi, GPS and voice control, lasts only about 90 minutes which is less than in other current cameras, both other brands and the own gopro

2 - Sometimes the battery charge is completed, but the percentage does not exceed 92%. By disconnecting and reconnecting the charger several times, in the end it ends up charging 100%. Even at times when the battery should already be loaded with leftovers for the time it has been charging, the red light never goes out. When disconnecting the cable and turning on the camera, normally in these cases it marks a 92% battery, but only turn the camera off and on again, and it marks the 100% that is correct.

3 - If while the camera (battery) is charging, either by a normal charger or a powerbank, I turn on the camera to check some option or record something, turning it off sometimes does not continue the load that was still halfway. As in the previous case, it is necessary to disconnect the cable and the charger and reconnect them with what eventually ends up continuing the charge ..

4 - When you remove the memory card to transfer the files to the PC, when putting it back in the camera sometimes the camera does not turn on and it is necessary to remove the battery a bit and insert it completely, so that the camera reacts and turn on normally.

5 - Sometimes with the camera turned off and everything turned off, Wifi, GPS and Voice Control, in a few hours the battery is completely discharged, without at the moment there seems to be an explanation or specific circumstances in which it occurs.

6 - In Loop mode I see that recording for example at 1080p 50fps the bitrate is not 45mbps but 30mbps, which in my opinion already starts to be a bit fair or low. I do not know why the bitrate is down. Perhaps it is considered that in this mode it is given more importance or priority to conserve space than to quality.

7 - In the Timewarp I would like some concepts to be manually adjusted, especially the EV because in this mode you have practically nothing control, just the speed factor. I can not adjust the field of view and only the wide angle is available, okay, but the Protune seems to me that it should be available even if only in some of its options. Maybe the processor can not do so many things at once.

8 - When the camera has been turned off by voice control, it supports uncompleted commands, for example, it is enough to say "record video" instead of "gopro records video", which I have verified that without realizing it sometimes camera is set to record alone and therefore spending battery. It has even given me the feeling that with single words or even concrete sounds, it is possible that I also start recording alone. Because of this, I advise turning off the voice control when the camera is not going to be used for the moment, especially the option that allows the camera to be turned on with the voice, which also allows it to receive other voice commands while it is off.

9 - When the camera is connected to the PC via USB, the entire content of the card does not appear. The .THM, .LRV and .WAV files do not appear. In addition, when copying the files to the hard disk of the PC, the original date and time at which the photos were taken or recorded the videos are lost, being subtracted by the fact and time in which the copy was made. This, at least in my case, makes me prefer to take the card out of the camera and connect it to the PC through a card reader, which I think involves opening and closing the battery compartment cover too many times unnecessarily, which the long one can make it no longer completely watertight (that of the connectors can be easily removed and changed, but the one on the battery seems to be fixed).

10 - In the plastic housing that is included with the camera, it is not possible to open the cover of the connectors, while in other compatible metal or plastic housings it is possible. This makes it necessary to remove the cover if it is necessary to use a connector while the camera is being used inside the housing.

11 - When the camera is turned on and off, the time taken by the camera is not always the same. Sometimes the camera turns on almost instantaneously and sometimes it takes a few seconds. When switching off something similar happens, because sometimes, after the typical beeps, the screen and the camera turn off normally and in others spend a lot of seconds (even 10 or 15) until the screen and the camera turn off completely. This, at least to me, makes me sometimes doubt that the shutdown was correct and for safety, I turn it on and off until I consider that the process is done normally, which is still cumbersome.

12 - Although it was already a known problem, even in previous versions (gopro 5 and 6), the glass in front of the lens causes some reflections (white stripes), when the sun gives at certain angles that for me are quite annoying, they add to the typical flare problem also related to the sun's reflections.
I have also seen quite a lot of chromatic aberrations when there are strong contrasts of light, both blue and purple at the edges of the elements exposed to these contrasts. It is something that also happens in the other cameras and in this I do not know if it is even more accentuated, because of what has already been said about the glass in front of the lens.

13 - The power to make a digital zoom manually and to your liking, is an option that can be useful if you do not abuse it, but I find it missing that the screen shows some information of the zoom level that we are applying, if we want to return it to reproduce exactly another time.

14 - I have not seen that there is the possibility that the camera will automatically generate slow motion in the video before it is recorded on the card, which is possible in other cameras, even adjusting the level of slow motion that is desired. It is possible to do it during the reproduction in the own camera, but not that it is already recorded.

15 - I do not see that there is an option to adjust the gain level of the microphones. They can be set to Auto, Stereo or Wind, but nothing else. In other cameras it is possible, which helps to avoid distortion and saturation of the sound in some situations.

16 - Almost no need to comment because it is something that is repeated in all the reviews of youtube, but the size of the adapter to connect an external microphone is super exaggerated and requires inventions to be able to couple it in some way. Apart from that it is also very expensive, even with 50% discount of Gopro Plus.

17 - Not having a thread in the base is something that is also missing and that include most cameras of this type. This means that you always have to use some type of housing if you want to attach an accessory, even a simple selfie stick.

18 - One of the microphones and above all the power button are placed in a place that is completely covered when the camera is placed on a gimbal, which is something that they should have foreseen, since the use of gimbals is increasingly widespread . In the case of the microphone, the gimbal's motors can be heard and, in the case of the button, it forces the camera to turn on before putting it in the gimbal or having to remove it in order to turn it off. Thankfully, voice control or remote control can help in this regard.

19 - It is not possible to adjust the bitrate even if it is basic, such as High, Medium and Low, so that each user can adjust it according to their needs or preferences. A, for example, 1080p 50fps the bitrate is only 45mbps, which I think is somewhat low for a camera at this level. But downloading it could also be useful for those who in certain situations want to give preference to the space occupied by the videos, rather than the quality of them.

20 - Perhaps the fisheye correction could be as an independent option, as in other cameras, instead of being included only in the Linear mode.

21 - In Photo mode you can only shoot in 4: 3 format, but not in 16: 9, as most cameras allow.

22 - In many phones, not to mention the majority of android and even some iphone, it is only possible to use the wifi to 2.4G because the 5G of the camera, do not recognize it. This logically limits the transfer speed and should be fixed in future firmware updates because there are other lower level cameras that do not have this type of problem.

23 - When using the GPS I detected a lag in the data related to the height. Mark about 40 meters. more than the right thing. I have called Gopro and I have been recommended to reset the camera and reinstall the latest firmware from the card, but after doing so, the lag continues to exist.

24 - When the external microphone adapter is connected to an external battery, to charge the battery of the camera, if a video is recorded then the audio and the image are out of sync. This does not happen when the external power is disconnected. Even if an external microphone is not connected, but external power goes through the microphone adapter, the desynchronization between image and sound also occurs.

25 - The adapter connector for external microphones does not hold tightly the 3.5mm microphone connector, which means that if an elbow adapter is used, in order to orient the microphone, the result is not good because the simple weight of the microphone The microphone with the foam and the sheath of hair make the elbow turn, so it is not possible to leave it oriented towards where we want.

26 - Even if the screen is set to the maximum brightness and never turns off, after 30 or 60 seconds the brightness is reduced to a really low level, both when the camera is on standby or when the camera is recording. If this behavior is to prevent the screen and the camera from getting too hot, the brightness could be lowered automatically when necessary, but not reduced to such a low level that outdoors and with sun is almost equal to the screen being turned off .

27 - When the Protune is deactivated, in many of the resolutions / fps the bitrate decreases although there is no defined criterion because in some resolutions / fps the bitrate is maintained. There are even variants in which despite varying the fps the bitrate is the same, as is the case with 1080p 25 / 30fps and 1080p 50 / 60fps although it varies in both cases with the Protune activated or not. In this particular case, 45mbps with the Protune activated and 30mbps with the Protune disabled.

28 - When the camera is connected to the PC via USB, it is not possible to copy videos, recorded with the camera itself and without editing or modifying, from the PC to the camera card. On the other hand, it is possible to do it when the card of the camera is put in a card reader of the PC.