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Problema GoPro session 4

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Buon giorno
Possiedo una GoPro session 4
Da quando nel'hanno regalata avrò eseguito meno di una decina di cicli di ricarica, ora mi succede questo, metto in carica la videocamera, quando è completamente carica (luce spenta) la scollego, inizio un video e dopo circa 20 secondi emette un bip, e la schermata rimane incantata sul tempo otrascorso, segna la batteria quasi scarica e la videocamera è calda, cosa succede? Come posso risolvere
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Re: Problema GoPro session 4

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Hello @paolo927. Make sure that a recommended SD card is used for your camera. Using SD cards that aren't recommended can cause issues like freezing as the card isn't fast enough to write the content, the camera getting hot or battery consumption is higher than normal as the camera stays in an active mode trying to sync to the card.

The camera's maximum battery capacity will vary based on settings, environmental conditions, and other factors. You may check this article that lists down the estimated runtime (in minutes) of the GoPro cameras: 

Additionally, reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can also help correct any errors with the current software installation. Using an SD card adapter, connect your microSD card to your computer and follow the Manual Update instructions specified in this article: 

Additionally, performing a factory reset in the camera may help. 
Let us know how it goes.