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Problem with gopro hero 7 black

Hi, I have a problem with the gopro hero 7 black, during today's day when the power button was turned on, the screen froze and when the on / off button was pressed, it only took a picture and froze again, if gave the mode button the camera does not do anything, I updated with a new version and at the end of the update the camera has become frozen again, has happened to someone else? Do you know why the screen stays blue and does not work? Will it be broken? Thank you
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Re: Problem with gopro hero 7 black


Hi @rapiddive841


If a camera is freezing up, it is usually an indicator the camera's software needs to be updated or there is potentially an issue with the microSD being used.

Try removing the SD card and see if the camera still freezes up. If it no longer freezes, then the issue is likely stemming from the SD card.

What SD card are you using? Here's a list of our recommended SD cards.



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Re: Problem with gopro hero 7 black

I use several different SD cards in my HERO7 Black. I use SanDisk Extreme v30 64GB, SanDisk Extreme v30 32GB, and Samsung Evo Select 64GB.

I haven't had any issues, such as locking up/freezing or battery drain. However, last week I suddenly started having a few locking up issues which I would have to resolve by holding down the side Mode/Power button for about 10 seconds, releasing, and then waiting for the camera to reboot.

I went home, formatted the SanDisk Extreme v30 64GB SD card (full, not quick) in my computer and did a manual update. The camera worked fine again but after recording for awhile, the issue returned. This time I switched to a different SanDisk Extreme v30 32GB SD card and went out and repeated the same recordings. The issue didn't repeat.

Once again, I formatted the first card and repeated the recordings. Once again, the issue returned. Switched cards again, but this time to Samsung Evo Select 64GB and repeated the test. No issues.

For a third time I tried the original card and once again, the camera froze.

This isn't the first time I've had issues with SanDisk cards and I am now officially done with them. I thought things got better with the v30 models and have had good success since the HERO6 Black came out, but once again SanDisk has let me down.

Back in the day when HERO3+ was GoPro's latest camera I did have an issue with Lexar 633x. I had two Lexar 633x cards that worked great for about a year until one day one of the cards started giving me issues. Because of this, I know it's not just SanDisk that can have issues, but by far, SanDisk seems to be the most inconsistent and trouble prone cards.

I'm not sure if this anecdote will help in this situation, but I strongly suggest trying a different card from the list of recommended SD cards after doing a manual update and factory reset.