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Problem with battery duration GOPROHERO5BLACK

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I am a GoPro Plus user and I am very disappointed with GoPro assistance service.
One week ago I had a problem with my gopro hero5 black: after I charged it and I checked the battery level before going to sleep (it was 100%), I put it in the waterproof case (original GoPro); when I woke up in the morning, I found out that the battery level was 0%. I initially thought it was due to my mistake - I thought I left it on before going to sleep. Unfortunately it was not my fault because it happend to me 3 times more in the same way. So I called the italian assistance service and they told me to do a test: charging my go pro and make a video with 1080×30fps and controlling how long the battery would last. The battery was ok because it last 2 hours and a half.
The problem is here: this problem has happened to me another 3 times more and I tried to call back the assistance service but nobody has replied me yet - I've called 5 times after the test and nobody has replied! This is such a shame and a totally unprofessional way of taking care about a customer (a GoPro Plus user in this case).
Furthermore, I tried to contact the assistance service by chat but it does not work as well because it always says that there is a long queue and, because of this, it is not possible to use the chat to contact them.
I have also tried to leave a voice message but every time they say that the voicemails of their workers are full and there is no space to leave a message.

I really do not know how to contact the customer service and to ask for a change of my GoPro. I am a GoPro Plus customer and this is not the service for which I am paying for.

Really bad experience, GoPro.

Is there anybody that can please tell me how to contact them in another way? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Problem with battery duration GOPROHERO5BLACK

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what preference settings are you on.   O nteh Hero 5 black I know if I leave OFF quick capture my battery  will Drain in a heart beat a few hours.


So the  advice we can offer is to factory reset teh camera, re load the same firmware manually by  following gopro site info.  and by all means chat is open 24-7 for plus members..  they should be open right now  and  make sure your pop up blocker is off.  Maybe because you are over seas and my region differs   nah its the I say   so Yes get in touch  do not give up

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Re: Problem with battery duration GOPROHERO5BLACK

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Hey! Thank you so much for your advice. I finally called them and they told me the chat is not working because most of the people are on holidays. Do not get me wrong, it is normal that people go on holiday but I would expect from GoPro to hire as many person as necessary to offer a service for which they claim is available 24/24 7/7. In this way everbody would be able to go on holiday and to supply a good turnover for holidays.
By the way, they actually suggested me to reload the firmware manually as you wrote above - hopefully is gonna work.

Thank you so much for your time - really appreciated it! ;)
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Re: Problem with battery duration GOPROHERO5BLACK

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Feel free to let us know if you have other question @pizza92