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Problem with GoPro 7 - Overheat

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I recently bought my GoPro 7 at the end of September, delivered to my house and used for the first at the start of October. I went on holidays on the 2nd weekend of October used my camera there and no problem arised. I may have used it 2 other occassions and no probl;ems encountered either.


Just there, I turned on my camera to delete some footage. After a few minutes, the camera started to overheat. There is even a burnt spot on my SD card. I tried to turn it off but it only gave me a black screen. I took out the battery and tried again, the camera is still acting up giving me a black screen and the burnt spot on the SD card is even worse now. See attached image below of the SD card.


I am going away for two weeks tonight and my camera is acting up. Anyone know what to do?




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Re: Problem with GoPro 7 - Overheat

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@fastboost50752  Why did you continue to go forward and not stop at the first sign of troubles?     Wow glad you are alright and I am sure you are or do you know not to use Ultra's  I suggest to  not use the camera until you call  and you may want t othink about not going forward if  the trouble was seen, lucky it did not go on fire.