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Problem gopro hero 7 black

Hello, I am writing to you from Bulgaria and I have the following problem when writing a 30 minute entry, the record itself is not a single file of 30 minutes and 3 or four files of different duration, ie. The recording itself is divided into several private ones. The other problem that I encounter is when the camera is turned off and charging the camera switches itself on and starts recording without wanting to record. My camera is Gopro 7 hero black bought 5 months ago in warranty. Is it normal or not I took it to a workshop. Thank you very much for the time
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Re: Problem gopro hero 7 black

@quickdawn6631, the single video recording being divided into different files is a normal behavior. This is called chaptering and is automatically done in the camera when a certain file size is reached. There is more information about it that i discussed in this article.  


The camera turning itself on and starting recording is not an expected behavior though. If you haven't yet, reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can help correct any errors with the current software installation. Follow the manual update instructions specified on this article: Software Update Instructions for HERO7 Cameras


Hopefully this helps.