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Problem: Render at 15% do not update more!

Hello. I´, trying to render a 51:51" continuos clip.


The Fusion Studio link all the clips and create a big clip that called "_merged" in my case "GPFR0160_merged.MP4" and "GPBK0160_merged.MP4"


Then the render begins, but always is in 15% and the porcentage never update more. I have tried to render all the night a lot of hours and never indicate more than 15%


Have someone the same problem?


I have rendered a big clip of 1h and 7minutes from other GoPro Fusion camera, and I do not have this problem.


I am rendering it with the latest Macbook Pro (3.1Ghz 16Gb Ram and 4Gb video)

Fusion Studio 1.1

Latest firmware in cameras


Thank you


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Re: Problem: Render at 15% do not update more!

After I write this message in the forum, now the Fusion Studio is going forward at 15.8%  : ) 


I have separated the differents clips and I have left only the one I want to render: 0160


0158 - 0159 - 0161, etc is now in other folder


Captura de pantalla 2018-02-11 a las 17.47.50.png