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Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

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Est-ce que vous avez déjà rencontrez le même problème que moi :

J'ai acheté ma Gopro Hero 7 Black Wifi et Bluetooth à la Fnac le 3 juillet dernier.
Je l'attache sur mon vélo pendant mes parcours à vélo et filme en pédalant.

Une fois les données téléchargé sur mon ordi via un cable USB, je peux visionner les videos..
Mais j'ai remarqué que tout au long du visionnage (chaque 15s) un sautillement bien embêtant...

Que puis-je faire pour qu'ils n'apparaissent plus ?
Et si non puis-je faire réparer ma Gopro à la Fnac ou Puis-je échanger encore ma Gopro ?

Merci pour vos réponses

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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

Hi @jcl78


What SD card are you using?

What resolution were these videos recorded on?

You may also check this article: Correct Choppy or Broken Up Playback



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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

Hi Ej,

I have used a SanDisk Ultra 32 Gb and my resolution is actually 1440/60/W...

Is it true that in my first videos : I have used a SanDisk Extreme Plus 32 Gb and it seemed working ...
Tomorrow I will try again with the first SD that I have used.

Thank you for your response 🙏🏻
And for the link
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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

@jcl78, the problem could be stemming from the SD card or your computer not being able to process the HD video.


Sandisk Ultra isn't listed under the recommended SD cards we have for GoPro cameras. To consistently achieve the best results with your GoPro camera, it is important to select microSD cards that are known to work well with the model you have. Check this article to see our list of the most up-to-date GoPro recommended microSD cards.


If the playback issue is only apparent in your computer, and doesn't happen when your videos are played back directly in the camera, this can eventually indicate compatibility problem with the video resolution/file and your computer or the video player. You can follow the suggested steps indicated in the article provided by aragon1006. It should help you clear the issue with choppy or broken playback.

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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

@aragon1006 @aenriquez 

Hi Guys,

I've tried to record a video yesterday with the SanDIsk Extreme Plus microSD and when I played it on the computer : it has still the same problem..

However when I play the video directly from the GoPro Cam : I'd seen no problems!!

This is shown that the problem comes from the PC and not from the GoProSmiley LOL
I'm happy that I can stil keep my Hero Black 7 GoPro Smiley Very Happy

I should use a Laptop that be able to plays HD videos : any suggestions ?? Surface Pro 6 ? Mac Book Pro ?

Anyway, Thanks a Lot for your help Smiley Happy

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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

When you play back the file on your GoPro, you're actually playing back a completely different file known as an LRV (Low resolution video).  The best way to check to see if your files are being recorded properly is to select the file in question, upload it to youtube and then play it from youtube to see if all the frames are there.  


You should post the details of your video file here (resolution, frame rate,file format etc) and what your PC specs are.  Also are you trying to play the file back directly from the SD card, copying it to an SSD or an external USB drive first etc.

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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

Smiley Surprised

Hi @irishmanpdx 

The PC I am using actually is a Laptop-6UROF2SG (HP) :

AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega
Mobile Gfx 2.00 Ghz   RAM 8.0 Go    System Type 64 bits    processor x64   Windows 10 Family  version 1809  Resolution 1600 x 900

The PC has still 763 Go not used

And the Video File is (MP4) :

3,72Go  00:08:51   Trame 1920 1440    data 59952 Kbits/s  tortal 60141 Kbits/s  frequency 59.94 trames/s

No problem with the sound

If I have time I will create a youtube file because I've tried two times to upload it on this GoPro website but it freeze the PC... 

If you have any ideas Smiley Embarassed and time please explain me, Thank a lot for your help !
I will go to the Service Shop Center on Thursday.

PS : Could it be a network problem ? (I am using the Laptop with WIfi)

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Re: Problème de sautillement des images en lecture vidéo

Are you using the laptops built in card reader, or are you using an external USB card reader?


Have you tried coping the files directly to your PC and then playing them?  Or are you trying to play them back directly from the card?


Uploading the raw file to youtube might be the most enlightening test.  This will help see if the card & camera or if your PC is at fault.  You only have 8GB of ram which is a tiny amount, however with nothing running in the background I'd still expect your laptop to be able to handle the footage.  However it could also be that your file is actually a HEVC file which your laptop may not be powerful enough to process.  Hence the request to upload to youtube.