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Problème étanchéité




J'ai une gopro hero 8 black, je l'ai testé en apnée , résultat au bout de 3 apnées à 7m50 sans caisson elle a pris l'eau !!!! incroyable pour une caméra qui est censée tenir jusqu'a 10 m .... Elle fonctionne encore mais j'ai de la condensation 

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Re: Problème étanchéité

Well that sucks hope you got Gopro Plus lol
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Re: Problème étanchéité

Suggest opening the door place on a towel and let dry

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Betreff: Problème étanchéité

Schauen Sie sich meine Bilder der GoPro Hero 8 hier im Forum an.

Das Problem werden noch viel mehr Leute bekommen!

Hier der Link:

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Betreff: Problème étanchéité

back in 2017...


it is not clear what exactly 10m water-resistance means.

let's say static pressure 2atm.


so, if you spend minutes at 7.5m, you will be at 1.75atm.

any dynamic pressure you will create moving your hand, body, etc. will go above 2atm.


therefore, I never spend too much time in shallow water without housing

not yet available in my country, till I'll get it, I will not go to 5m deep.


just me,








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Re: Problème étanchéité

@grayvista76215, so long as all camera doors are closed, the HERO8 Black is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without housing. Try to leave the Side door open to allow air to circulate through the camera. If possible, allow the unit to dry in an air-conditioned and/or low humidity environment (<50% humidity) until signs of fogging have dissipated.

If the condensation in the camera's lens persists, please contact our Support Team so they can look further into your options on how we can help. You may reach them by phone or live chat through